Živjo, lepa koža (translation: Hi, Beautiful Skin) is a first Slovene guide to healthier and more radiant skin promoting patience, gentleness and focusing on the "less is more" approach. Nearly 300 pages long book, work book written by Tajka Selan, a cosmetologist and Tika, a skincare expert offers guidance on basic skin care, how to choose products for a specific skin type, how to build a routine with active ingredients and which tricks can help solve skin problems. 

In terms of design the book is a tribute to beauty. Using soft, feminine, natural colours, it is filled with illustrated portraits of women, typographic double spreads of quotes to remember and marvel at and beautiful, bright, soft photography. The layout of the book is clean, elegant and to keep it dynamic uplifted with informative illustrations where needed to further explain information stated. Photography as well as double spreads of quotes is brought in to break the density of the book and to remind reader to take their time; with reading as well as with life in general.

Author: Tajka Selan and Tika Hribar
Publisher: Založba Vida
Editor: Iza Lucija Korošec
Editor in chief: Valentina Smej Novak
Design and illustrations: Vida Igličar
Technical illustrations: Nuša Gabrijel
Photos: Tajka Selan, Tika Hribar and free online resources

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