P R E M I U M   N O T E B O O K

When Pivovarna Laško and Pivovarna Union (two Slovenian breweries) joined the Heineken group, we marked the occasion by designing a premium notebook for the board committee. The three breweries are symbolically portrayed on the first inside page with three embossed barleys.

The notebook is thematically divided into three parts, separated by pages with embossed beer elements: hops, barley and beer foam. Hops and barley were painted, hand-stamped, scanned and then vectorised to prepare for embossing. We achieved a genuine and organic feel by incorporating craftwork into the process.
The final touch that gives the notebook an additional handcrafted feeling are hand written past slogans of both breweries' campaigns.
They work as beautiful thoughts, forgotten notes from the past.​

Pristop Advertising Agency, 2016
Client: Pivovarna Lasko Union
Creative Director: Aljosa Bagola
Copywriter: Nina Vidrih
Designer: Vida Iglicar
Project Manager: Melita Bozic, Barbara Oresek
Head of Production: Damjana Groselj
Print: Tiporenesansa
Paper: Europapier
Video: Aljaz Hafner
Photos: Vida Iglicar

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