The Secrets of Miss Honeybee is a book that is also written as a manual. It is for everyone - children, parents and grandparents, or anyone interested in the world of bees and the use of their precious products. The book intertwines the story of siblings who, with the desire to help their friends to recover from illness, learn about the mysterious world of bees, the importance of planting melliferous flowers and pollination, clean environment and, ultimately, the benefits of bee products - honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax, etc.

The main character, Miss Honeybee, is a beekeeper and apitherapist who uses bees to help people to improve their health. The book includes tips on how to improve our immune system in a natural way, and serves also as a guidance on who to ask about more detailed advice and help.​​​​​​​

Written and published by: Nika Pengal and Anže Gallus Petelin
Illustration: Vida Igličar
Print: Tiskarna Para d.o.o.
For more information visit Gospodicna Medicna.

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