Zala is a leading Slovenian bottled water brand that offers a wide range of products. This spring they launched their refreshing new category: carbonated water with raspberry and apple flavour. Vibrant city life, freshness of fruity taste and lightness of bubbles were captured in an illustration that portrays brand's essence: city in a bottle. Despite being limited to using only eight colours in print we achieved a detailed look. A matte finish effect added to the product's uniqueness and furthermore highlighted pastel illustrations. Bubbly Zala now brings even more style, fun and youthfulness to the brand family.

Brand: Zala
Client: Pivovarna Lasko Union
Agency: Pristop
Creative Director: Aljosa Bagola
Copywriter: Eva Gjörek
Art Director / Designer: Vida Iglicar
Illustrator: Vida Iglicar
DTP designer: Samo Jarc
Project Director: Simona Mladenovic
Project Manager: Katja Grosman / Patricija Frzovic
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