Lovim svoje ravnotežje (translation: Finding My Balance) is a book, a workbook written by Nina Gaspari, an entrepeneur, columnist, podcast host of the most well listened-to Slovenian entrepreneurial podcast. The book helps the reader find their passion, overcome fears, set boundaries and find balance through a series of questions, some theory and personal stories.

The cover is bold, like Nina. The word 'svoje' (translation: My), written by hand, indicates the uniqueness of the book which will truly come to life once the reader starts to fill in the book with his or her own answers. In the title, there is a play on the word 'ravnotežje' (translation: Balance), which in Slovenian consists of two words: 'ravno' (translation: straight or, in some cases, not to care) and 'težje' (translation: heavier). The inside of the book is clean and minimalistic in order to not overshadow the content and important questions. White space welcomes and invites the reader to make it look unique and fulfilled with their own writing. Each chapter however starts with bold, coloured pages to break the white and bring some dynamic and courage.

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