C O L O R   M E   H A P P Y   /   N E W   Y E A R   G I F T S 

Each year at Pristop advertising agency we create a notebook to give out to our clients and empoyees.
This year the main theme was Colorists every day. We wanted to give it content, not just abstract images, so the five coloring sections convey our joys, our guilty pleasures and all the little things necessary to get us through our busy, creativity infused days. All the lucky recipients of the notebook can color our interpretation of time, our beautiful capital Ljubljana, coffee and tea, plants and candy. The headlines are empowering, proclaiming the need to enjoy the little things in life your own way.
Notebook was packed with a box of coloring pencils and a bottle of absinthe for inspiration. 

Pristop Advertising Agency, 2016
Copywriter: Nina Vidrih
Designer & Illustrator: Vida Iglicar
Project Manager: Barbara Oresek, Meta Meznar
Head of Production: Damjana Groselj
Photos: Vida Iglicar

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