Naj ti povem svojo zgodbo (translation: Let me tell you my story) is a memoir album, created for grandparents to write down their memories and life stories to their grandchildren. It includes questions about childhood, family, love, friendship, everyday habits, words of wisdom, which are all accompanied with illustrations and hand lettered quotes.

The book is a heartfelt invite to all grandparents to take time and share their words of wisdom for future generations. It is also an initiative aiming to inspire young people to spend time with their grandparents, to listen and appreciate their stories. It is a chance to revive old memories and create new ones.

Design and illustration: Vida Iglicar
Concept and wording: Eva Grafenauer Korosec, Nina Vidrih, Vida Iglicar
Publishing house Grafenauer, November 2017
Photos by Aljaz Hafner

Besides the book we created a website where people are invited to share their views on the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. It is a digital platform, an extension of the initiative of the book - to create stronger bonds between these two generations, to take time and appreciate stories of grandparents.

Concept and design: Vida Iglicar
Website programmer: Gregor Ostanek

To read more about the book, buy your copy or share your story visit our website.

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